Are Candles Bad For The Environment?

Are Candles Bad For The Environment?


Candles are a luxury that many of us enjoy using in our homes and in various other places. Luxury candles are an occasional treat for some and an everyday amenity for others. Luxury candles can bring beauty and ambiance to any space with its candlelight, beautiful fragrances, and luxe containers. There may be one question lingering in the back of your mind. Are candles bad for the environment? Some candles are bad for the environment and others are not. Our candles are good for the environment.

We use coconut apricot wax to create our luxury candles. This wax has a creamy, soft texture. They are eco-friendly, clean burning, phthalate, sulfate, paraben, and dye free. Our wax is one of the most environmentally friendly waxes available today because it’s plant based and derived from coconuts and apricots.  They also burn cleaner than soy wax and produce a longer burn time.

The type of wax used to create a candle matters. Although our candles are good for the environment, paraffin wax candles are not. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum and while burning, it releases toluene and benzene, which are carcinogens. Paraffin wax will often leave a black soot residue on the candle jar, walls, and ceilings. The soot that paraffin candles give off is the same toxins that are found in diesel fuel. Paraffin wax candles can cause headaches, respiratory issues, birth defects, and other problems. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk.


Our eco-friendly, coconut apricot wax candles are good for the environment and they are better candles to burn in your home because they are phthalate, sulfate, paraben, and dye-free. They will aid you in living a greener, luxury lifestyle and they will burn longer and cleaner.


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