Suede Bianco Gold Metallic Jar Candle

Suede Bianco Gold Metallic Jar Candle

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Suede Bianco: A sophisticated blend of cedarwood, citronella, patchouli, citrus, pine, lavender, jasmine, amber, and wood.

Our unique coconut wax blend is nestled in this beautiful, luxurious, Metallic Jar.  After you are finished burning the candle, the jar can be re-purposed for the storage of small items and/or used for flowers or home decor.

-16 ounces

-2 Cotton wicks

-Unique coconut wax blend

-Quality fragrance

-Phthalates, sulfate, and paraben free

-No animal testing

-100% Cotton wicks

-Hand-poured in the USA

-Packaged in a gift box

-Burn time approximately 80 hours