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LéShay Candles

Luxury Wax Melts

Luxury Wax Melts

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NEW & IMPROVED! Do you enjoy fragrance without the flame?  Our hand-poured, Luxury, Scented Wax Melts are the perfect alternative to burning candles. They are created with our new and improved, proprietary, vegan, coconut wax blend which provides a longer burn. Our luxury wax melts are eco-friendly, toxin free, and dye free. Our products are never tested on animals. 

-Contains 10 Wax Melts

-Add 1 wax melt to your wax warmer and enjoy our luxe fragrance(s).

-5 ounces

-Proprietary coconut wax blend

-Quality fragrance

-Phthalates, sulfate, and paraben free

-No animal testing

-Eco friendly

-Hand-poured in the USA

-Burn time: Approximately 8 or more hours per wax melt depending on the type of wax melter used. 



-Phthalates, sulfate, paraben & dye-free

-Gluten free


-No animal testing

-Provides a longer burn time

-Handpoured in the USA



-Our custom, coconut apricot wax blend gives a

clean and elegant burn that lasts longer and

exudes luxury fragrance into your home

-100% lead-free cotton wicks

-Luxury blended non-toxic essential oils &
fragrance oils

-Phthalates, sulfate, paraben, gluten & dye free


-Trim candle wick(s) to 1/4 inch before each use to prevent soot and to extend the life of the candle.

-Always use a candle plate to protect surfaces from heat damage while burning

-Do not burn your candle more than 4 hours during each use.

-Candles have a memory, so make sure that you have a full melt pool across the entire top layer of the candle before extinguishing in order to prevent tunneling.

-Never leave a burning candle unattended.

-Discontinue use when there is 1/4" wax left in the jar.

-Keep wax (melt pool) free from excess wick debris

-If a mushroom carbon tip develops on the candle wick, extinguish the candle, allow it to cool, and trim the wick to remove it


-All candles are made to order

-An email with the tracking number for your order will be sent to you when your order ships

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